Monday, October 06, 2008

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

By John Foster - Monday, October 06, 2008 at 09:16 AM

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Yesterday the Idaho Statesman released its voter guide. You can see the online version here. The print version in Sunday’s newspaper included snippets from recent endorsement interviews. Both Walt and Sali were asked: “What has been a turning point or a challenge in your adult life?” Walt talked about the day he resigned in protest from the Nixon White House during the Watergate scandal because the president had fired the Attorney General. Sali? Well, I’ll let him speak for himself on THE turning point in his adult life:

Bill Sali was assigned a book report in the fourth grade. Uncharacteristically, he blew it off. “I procrastinated,” Sali said. “When I didn’t get it done, I took an F.” It was the first and last ‘F’ Sali ever got, and it became a transforming experience for the future congressman. From that point on he always was a good student, and while he acknowledged that he dropped some classes in college because he took on too much class load, he never again failed. “It changed my focus,” Sali said in a telephone interview. “It was a turning point for me because I knew I had to be serious about things.”

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