Big Oil’s profits go right to Bill Sali

Minnick for Congress

By John Foster - November 02, 2008

Sali accepts $5,000 on record day for Exxon-Mobil; Minnick campaign calls on Sali to return it to drivers

Sunday, November 2
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On October 30, Exxon-Mobil reported the largest quarterly profit of any business in U.S. history. During the three-month period Idahoans were furious about the record prices at the pump, Exxon-Mobile raked in more than $14 billion, according to news reports:

“In what will probably be the high-water mark for corporate profits for a while, the oil giant Exxon Mobil reported another blowout quarter Thursday, as oil prices hit a record over the summer and gasoline soared well above $4 a gallon across the nation ... the past quarter extends a staggering run for Exxon ... In the third quarter, Exxon’s profit rose 58 percent, to $14.8 billion ...”

On the very same day those profits were reported, Exxon-Mobil sent Bill Sali a check for $5,000, the maximum amount allowed under federal law, according to the Federal Elections Commission. (Click here.)

“Idahoans are struggling to pay their bills, watching their home values fall, frustrated with health care and worrying about losing their jobs,” Minnick for Congress spokesman John Foster said. “But Bill Sali isn’t worried, because he got his share of the billions in profits Exxon-Mobil raked in during a summer of record-high gas prices.”

The Minnick for Congress campaign called on Sali to return the money to the rightful owners: Idaho drivers.

“Bill Sali has defended Big Oil for two years by saying that ending their egregious tax breaks won’t help consumers. Well now we know the truth: Those tax breaks help Big Oil bring in the profits so they can give it away to their buddy Bill,” Foster said. “We call on Bill Sali to give that $5,000 back to consumers who struggled to fill their tanks over the summer.”

For more on Sali and his connections to Big Oil, see below.
John M. Foster
Communications Director
Minnick for Congress
208.559.3547 (c)

The facts about Bill Sali and Big Oil

Sali’s speech on the floor defending Big Oil
Sali’s vote against domestic drilling
Sali has raised more than $50,000 from “Big Oil.”
Sali has said he didn’t believe oil companies should pay taxes.
Sali was one of just 19 people to vote against a bill to limit speculation in oil futures trading.
Sali voted against The Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008.
Sali voted against Repealing “Big Oil” Subsidies.
Sali voted against Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act.
Sali voted against “Use it or Lose it.”
Sali voted against the “DRILL Act” to open drilling in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.
Sali voted against the Consumer Energy Supply Act.

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