Ineffective Bill Sali can’t dodge low rating

Minnick for Congress

By John Foster - October 23, 2008

Idaho Congressman is 423 on ‘power rankings’ of, behind delegates from Guam, American Samoa

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Thursday, October 23

The people of Guam and American Samoa are U.S. citizens, but their delegates to the U.S. Congress have no voting privileges.

However, those two non-voting delegates have more influence in the U.S. Congress than does Rep. Bill Sali, a freshman from Idaho, according to the website

Sali has an abysmal 4.14 “power score” from the site, in part because he received zero points for effectiveness.

“Bill Sali is simply not up to the job of being a U.S. Congressman, as the rankings make clear,” Walt Minnick for Congress spokesman John Foster said. “These are very serious times and they require serious leaders working together on the economy and other critical issues facing Idaho. Bill Sali is ineffective and incapable of being that kind of leader.”

According to the site, the top three criteria for gauging the effectiveness of a member of Congress are: 1) Position. 2) Indirect Influence. 3) Legislative Activity.

An analysis yesterday by the conservative Evans-Novak Political Report also explains why Bill Sali is considered one of the most ineffective in Congress:

Freshman Rep. Bill Sali (R) has a bad relationship with the Gem State’s GOP establishment, and his unguarded rhetoric and erratic behavior have helped drag him below 50 percent in many polls. Businessman Walt Minnick (D) carries the Democratic banner, and he is exploiting the degree to which many Idaho Republicans consider Sali an embarrassment. While Idaho’s a conservative state, the GOP here has a strong moderate segment, and that segment holds little love for Sali, whose unfavorables are very high.

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