Minnick challenges Sali on ethics issues

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By John Foster - October 19, 2008

Idaho Public Television hosts fifth meeting of two candidates

Sunday, October 19
For immediate release

For the fourth time in six days, Walt Minnick had Congressman Bill Sali on the defensive at a debate between the two candidates in Idaho’s First Congressional District.

Minnick challenged Sali on his opposition to legislation on bridge safety, on Sali’s push to privatize Social Security and on his ineffectiveness as a member of Congress. Sali tried to defend his inability to get things done as a freshman member of the minority party.

“Let me tell you how that works for you,” Sali said. “You cross the Speaker of the House and you’ll be on the Entertainment Committee.”

Minnick also sharply criticized Sali for the Idaho Congressman’s poor record on a host of ethics issues.

“I think it’s imperative that the people we send to Congress ... should obey the laws,” Minnick said.

Sali’s Congressional staff is working on his campaign, according to media reports (click here and here), and Sali staffers have previously been rebuked for the practice.

Taxpayers pay almost $4,000 per month so Sali can rent a Congressional office outside his district. And although Sali has been running a vigorous campaign since before his May primary, his campaign finance reports showed no expenditures for office rent prior to July 16.

Sali is well-known for sending out bogus “surveys” and propaganda at taxpayer expense which do nothing more than reiterate the talking points of his Congressional campaign. It also appears as though Sali sent such mail after the pre-election deadline.

Sali has also refused to pay off more than $125,000 in debt from his last campaign, including thousands to corporations Blue Point Consulting and SPARTAC, which have not charged Sali any interest on the debt, a clear violation of campaign finance laws.

Minnick and Sali debated tonight live on the statewide Idaho Public Television network. The debate was co-hosted by the Idaho Press Club and the League of Women Voters.

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