Minnick challenges Sali over corporate contributions

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By John Foster - October 20, 2008

At Caldwell debate, Sali admits debt due to corporate ‘bonuses’

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Monday, October 20

Congressman Bill Sali today in a town hall forum said the debts he owes from 2006 are actually “bonus” payments promised to corporations working for his campaign. However, Sali did not disclose the actual reason for the debt, as required by federal law.

“This raises troubling new questions about the continued inaccuracy of Bill Sali’s campaign finance reports and his continued inability to be honest with and effective for the people of Idaho’s First Congressional District,” Walt Minnick for Congress spokesman John Foster said.

Sali’s FEC report makes no mention of bonus payments to the companies, instead referring to the debt as “consulting” or “mail” and other descriptions. Moreover, if the payments due are for win bonuses, those bonuses were massive. Sali owes a total of $113,252 in corporate campaign debt, including:

- $69,879 to SPARTAC (for “grassroots/media/direct mail")
- $24,464 to Bluepoint LLC (for “other: direct mail consulting")
- $12,405 to Hammon & Associates (for “fundraising: fundraising consulting")

“Bill Sali is has trouble paying his bills, knowingly files inaccurate financial reports and now admits that much of his debt is due to egregious ‘win’ bonuses paid to corporate political consultants,” Foster said. “It’s another example of him not being up to the job. If he can’t be responsible with his own finances, how can he be responsible with taxpayer dollars?”

At the town hall, Minnick aggressively challenged Sali over the corporate debt, asserting that they are illegal contributions since Sali has not been charged interest nor been forced to pay all the money back. Moreover, Sali’s campaign finance report shows he has enough cash to pay off the debt, but refuses to do so.

The town hall was hosted by radio station KBOI at the College of Idaho in Caldwell, a university where Minnick served as a trustee and as chair of the board.

For more information, call the number below.
John M. Foster
Communications Director
Minnick for Congress
208.559.3547 (c)

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