Minnick Endorses Obama for President

News Release

By Walt Minnick Campaign - January 30, 2008

Believes Obama can make the changes needed to fix the problems facing Idaho and America

(BOISE) – Walt Minnick, First Congressional District candidate and long-time Idaho businessman, announced today that he’s backing Senator Barack Obama for President.

“Senator Obama will bring the kind of change we so desperately need in Washington,” said Minnick. “I admire his passion for our country, his ability to bring people together across party lines to get things done and his commitment to elevating the political dialogue above the petty partisan bickering we’ve seen far too much of in the last few years.”

Senator Obama’s extensive organization in Idaho and upcoming trip to Boise played a major factor in Minnick’s announcement.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Senator’s dedication to our state, which, frankly, most national Democratic candidates write off,” said. Minnick. “He’s had boots on the ground in the state for several months and now he’s backing that up with a personal visit during one of the most tightly contested nomination processes in the last decades. That proves he’s not just talk when it comes to reaching out to people across this country to build the consensus we need to make major reforms in areas such as healthcare, veterans, Iraq, education and the economy.”

About Walt Minnick
Born in Walla Walla, Washington, Walt has lived in Idaho since 1974. An avid outdoorsman, Walt is known for his success as CEO of forest product company TJ International in providing jobs while protecting Idaho’s backcountry. Walt was a co-founder and currently serves on the Board of the Idaho Business Coalition for Education Excellence. He and his wife A.K. have been for 18 years. Walt has four children and one granddaughter.

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