Minnick on Economic Stimulus

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By Walt Minnick Campaign - January 28, 2008

(BOISE) – First Congressional District candidate Walt Minnick today praised U.S. House leadership for moving quickly on a negotiated economic stimulus package.

“Putting tax rebates into the hands of the working class Americans is an economically sound way to help jump-start the economy,” Minnick said. “But more is needed if we’re going to strengthen our economy long-term. I challenge Representative Sali to call for a package that includes grants to jump start wind, solar and biofuel projects. This investment would help make America energy independent, as well as create good paying jobs in Idaho and elsewhere.”

Minnick would finance the package by eliminating recent tax breaks given big oil companies and forcing millionaires who flee the country to avoid paying their income taxes to pay at the same rates as any other American. “We have got to stop Congress from authorizing yet another new spending program without first agreeing how to pay for it,” said Minnick

Minnick questioned how quickly Congress would be able to act.

“Let’s face it. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a whole lot more gridlock than progress on critical issues,” said Minnick. “The question now is, will this rare show of bipartisanship hold or will we see, as we have on Iraq, healthcare, immigration and energy, it sink into the muck of political gamesmanship and bickering?”

About Walt Minnick
Born in Walla Walla, Washington, Walt has lived in Idaho since 1974. He graduated from Whitman College with a degree in Economics and obtained his MBA from Harvard. An avid outdoorsman, Walt is known for his success as CEO of forest product company TJ International in providing jobs while protecting Idaho’s backcountry. Walt was a co-founder and currently serves on the Board of the Idaho Business Coalition for Education Excellence. He and his wife A.K. have been for 18 years. Walt has four children and one granddaughter.

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