Minnick: Sali not fiscally responsible

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By John Foster - October 22, 2008

Two Idaho candidates meet in final debate before Election Day

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Wednesday, October 22

In their final meeting before Election Day, Walt Minnick continued to challenge Rep. Bill Sali over his irresponsible fiscal policies, both as a voting Congressman and as someone accountable for campaign and congressional offices.

In the live, televised debate held Tuesday night at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Minnick also continued to highlight the differences and abilities between the two candidates.

“I have been a businessman and someone who solves problems throughout my professional career,” Minnick said. “Big government solutions are inconsistent with the principles I believe in.”

Minnick also again pointed to Sali’s ineffectiveness as a Congressman. For example, Sali sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, but has been absent from key hearings.

“[Sali] also, as part of the oversight committee, failed to attend a committee hearing on executive compensation and failed to attend another hearing attending to the problems of the bailout,” Minnick said.

Sali was also chided for keeping, at taxpayer expense, a Congressional office outside his district, for using Congressional staff for campaign work and for continued financial issues. For example, Sali claimed at the debate that he had approval for having an office outside the District, despite an Associated Press story from August to the contrary. That story quotes a spokesman from the Committee on House Administration, and says Sali’s office violates House rules.

“We should expect the people who make the law to play by the law,” Minnick said.

Finally, Minnick called for balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility and a middle-class tax cut, while highlighting Sali’s poor record on fiscal matters. As a Congressman, Sali voted against pay-as-you-go rules, against earmark reform and against responsible budgets.

The debate was hosted by the KTVB News Group, KPVI, Peak Broadcasting, Idaho Business Review, Idaho Cable Telecommunications Association, Idaho Press-Tribune, KREM and Northwest Nazarene University.

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