Sali Must End Silence on Craig

News Release

By Walt Minnick Campaign - February 14, 2008

Minnick Calls on Sali to Put Partisan Politics Aside and End His Silence on Larry Craig

Senate Ethics Panel publicly chastises Craig for “improper conduct” and attempting to “evade legal consequences.”

(BOISE) – First congressional district candidate Walt Minnick called on Bill Sali to urge Craig to resign from the U.S. Senate. His colleagues, both Republican and Democrat, have condemned his actions and publicly admonished him for bringing discredit to the U.S. Senate. Craig has pled guilty of crimes relating to the solicitation of sex in a public restroom. His colleagues have found him guilty of misusing campaign funds and improperly using his position to influence a police officer.

“Idaho’s congressional delegation remained mum on the ethics report. Officials with Rep. Bill Sali… declined comment.” Idaho Statesman 2/14/08.”

“Respected leaders from both sides of the aisle have repudiated Larry Craig’s actions, but our so-called leaders are mute. Does BIll Sali really have no opinion on whether Craig is fit to serve in Congress?” asked Minnick. “The people of Idaho have had enough. They deserve answers to some simple questions.”

10 Questions to Ask Bill Sali:

1. Do you agree with the unanimous conclusion of the bipartisan Senate ethics committee?
2. Do you agree that Larry Craig lacked authorization to use campaign dollars for personal expenses?
3. Do you think Craig can continue to effectively represent Idaho?
4. Do you believe Craig has brought disrepute to the Senate. To Idaho?
5. Do you have any regret about continuing to support Craig even as responsible Republicans - like the Senate minority leader - have called for his resignation?
6. What in your view would constitute conduct requiring a member of Congress to resign?
7. Knowing what you know today, would you have stood shoulder to shoulder with Craig when he mislead Idahoans and the country regarding his “intent” to resign?
8. Will blind partisan loyalty always be more important than what is in the best interest of Idaho?
9. When will you explain to the citizens of the First District the reasoning behind your continuing support of a now officially reprimanded fellow Republican?
10. Will you admit that the Senator’s self-inflicted troubles are an embarrassment to Idaho, and that his continued tenure distracts from urgent business like ending the war, solving the budget crisis, addressing the looming recession, and restoring a sense of responsibility to the Congress?

About Walt Minnick
Born in Walla Walla, Washington, Walt has lived in Idaho since 1974. An avid outdoorsman, Walt is known for his success as CEO of forest product company TJ International in providing jobs while protecting Idaho’s backcountry. Walt was a co-founder and currently serves on the Board of the Idaho Business Coalition for Education Excellence. He and his wife A.K. have been married for 18 years. Walt has four children and one granddaughter.

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