Sali skips oversight hearings - again

Minnick for Congress

By John Foster - October 08, 2008

Idaho Republican calls hearings “theater” even as committee grills AIG execs over massages, $440k retreats

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Bill Sali this week ignored opportunities to investigate the collapse of Lehman Brothers and AIG, two companies at the heart of the country’s devastating financial crisis.

Sali is a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. However, he has not attended key Committee hearings this week on the current financial crisis, opting instead to stay in Idaho to attend fundraisers. And on March 7, Sali was absent from…

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Republicans for Walt Minnick featured in new campaign ad

Minnick for Congress

By John Foster - October 07, 2008

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The Minnick for Congress campaign today launched a new television advertisment highlighting Republicans who are crossing party lines to support Walt Minnick. (Click here to see the ad.)

“Bill Sali is not the leader that Idaho needs right now,” attorney J. Walter Sinclair says in the ad. “I’ve been a Republican all my life, and I’m supporting Walt Minnick for Congress.”

The five people featured in the new advertisement, which is running in the Boise and Spokane media markets:

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DEBT WATCH: Five days left for Bill Sali to pay off his $125,673 bill

Minnick for Congress

By John Foster - September 26, 2008

The next Federal Election Commission campaign finance deadline is the end of the day on September 30, and Idahoans are wondering: Will Bill Sali pay what he owes?

Sali’s financial troubles are well documented. He’s more than $125,000 in arrears from his 2006 Congressional campaign, and his top consultant insists that Sali pay cash up-front.

Sali’s spokesman has also misrepresented Sali’s debt to the press. When Sali’s campaign finance reports were late and withheld from public scrutiny, Sali’s spokesman first claimed that Sali had paid off half the…

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Bill Sali voted against measures to deal with housing crisis

Minnick for Congress

By John Foster - September 26, 2008

Sali doesn’t understand economic crisis
Friday, September 26, 2008
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The Minnick for Congress campaign yesterday called attention to Bill Sali’s embarrassing absence from an oversight hearing on CEO pay and the mortgage industry.

Sali’s ineffectiveness as a Congressman became even more apparent today as the Minnick campaign released details of Sali’s consistent votes against assistance, enforcement and oversight of the mortgage industry.

“This list of votes confirms what Bill Sali’s tortured and shifting statements…

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Oversight: Where was Bill?

Minnick for Congress

By John Foster - September 25, 2008

For immediate release

In a recent news report, Bill Sali is quoted saying the current economic crisis is “mind boggling” to him. Sali had the chance to be much more informed on the situation back in March, but didn’t show up for work.

Sali is a member of the House Oversight Committee. On March 7, the committee held a hearing titled “CEO Pay and the Mortgage Crisis.” According to a transcript, the reason for the hearing was to investigate “compensation of executives who preside over billion dollar losses.”

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