Relief Factor vs Omega XL

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Do you have Joint Pain?

Chronic joint pain is most frequently brought on by Osteoarthritis, a frequent form of arthritis that develops over time when the cartilage, the cushioning material between the bones, deteriorates. Painful and stiffness develop in the joints. Osteoarthritis worsens over time and usually appears in middle age.

On the market today, there are numerous supplements that reduce joint pain and inflammation. However, individuals in need say it’s quite difficult to locate one that is actually effective. In light of that, let’s make a comparison between Relief Factor Vs Omega XL. Most middle-aged persons are intrigued by these two products because of their amazing capacity to ease joint pain, enhance comfort and flexibility, and raise your general quality of life. Let us know which is a better option. Learn more about the supplements in this article, including their benefits, drawbacks, costs, and Key ingredients.

 Instant Table comparison of Relief Factor vs Omega XL


Vs. Relief Factor Omega XL
Product Information ·         Relief from joint and muscle pain

·         Improves immunity


·         Increases joint adaptability

·         Aids in muscle healing

·         All-natural, eco-friendly, and drug-free ingredients

Plans and Pricing 19.95 $
79.95 $
93.95 $


Type of Supplements Capsule Capsule
Key Ingredients Omega-3




Omega fatty acids


Vitamin E

olive oil

Official Website

 What is Relief Factor?

Promedev LLC markets Relief Factor as an anti-inflammatory supplement in the United States. Unlike conventional pharmaceutical medications, which your doctor may prescribe, this combination of herbs and fish oil is completely safe.

It is open to everyone. It is, however, designed specifically for people who have joint problems or other age-related medical difficulties.

This medicine can relieve pains and inflammation in people of all ages, especially those who have physically demanding professions or participate in strenuous exercise routines.

Anti-inflammatories, which are commonly used to treat arthritis and other joint pain problems, work by inhibiting the immune response that causes pain.

This supplement, on the other hand, works by supplying natural elements that, like prescription medication, can effectively reduce inflammation.


  • It promotes a healthy immune system.
  • It is free of wheat and gluten.
  • It takes some HSA cards as payment.
  • It has a 90-day return period (if unopened).
  • It has clear ingredient amounts.
  • It costs $19.95 for a three-week trial.
  • It is a botanical and organic product, and the possibility of side effects is very low.


  • It is not suitable for vegans.
  • It includes trace amounts of soy.
  • Subscription requires you to quit cancelling actively.
  • This product may only be purchased through its official website.

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What is Omega XL?

Great HealthWorks created the nutritional supplement Omega XL, which has several positive health effects. Omega XL is one of many nutritional supplements produced by the company Great HealthWorks that promotes musculoskeletal health and helps muscles and joints recover. Natural or naturally derived ingredients are used in the product’s manufacturing. The product is non-GMO, gluten-free, and environmentally sustainable.


  • An organic dietary supplement supports joint health
  • Lowers cholesterol and aids with weight loss
  • Increases heart health
  • Increases immune system vigor
  • Encourages good gut health


  • Minor to moderate grievances Users of Omega XL also reports experiencing nausea, burping, and stomach problems.
  • Inaccessible offline.
  • Costly in comparison to the majority of similar supplements on the market;

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Comparison of Key Ingredients

Despite fulfilling similar functions, the contents of these two supplements vary slightly. The following is a list of the substances used in their compositions.

 Relief Factor Key Ingredients

The Relief Factor quickstart component list was discovered to be stacked with substances supported by science and acknowledged for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. These are only a few examples.

Omega-3 (900 mg) – Omega-3 fatty acids, found in flax seeds and a variety of seafood, have been shown to aid with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and several other conditions. Furthermore, recent clinical research has demonstrated that Omega-3 promotes cardiovascular health and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Omega-3s’ immunomodulatory effects alleviate painful and swollen joints, as well as morning stiffness.

The Omega-3 in Relief Factor’s product is derived from wild-caught mackerel, anchovy, and sardine oils that have been molecularly distilled to remove impurities such as mercury and other heavy metals. Be advised that the omega-3 capsules from Relief Factor include residues of soy, which some people may be allergic to.

Turmeric (667 mg) – Turmeric, which is derived from the root of a Southeast Asian plant in the ginger family, is a common component in curries throughout the region. Turmeric has long been utilized in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant therapy. Turmeric contains three curcuminoids.

Curcumin has shown promise as a treatment for several chronic illnesses other than arthritis in various clinical trials, including inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and some cancers. Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-apoptosis, anticancer, and antioxidant properties have been studied extensively.

Epimedium (Icariin) (200 mg)- Epimedium is a flowering plant native to Asia that contains the flavonoid icariin, which is a safe and effective natural anti-inflammatory treatment for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Icariin has long been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and lipid-modulating activities, as well as atheroprotective qualities.

Japanese Fleeceflower (Reservatrol) (70 mg) – Japanese Fleeceflower is a herbaceous perennial plant native to East Asia that is used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for pain relief. The main promoter of these properties is resveratrol, which is found in red wine, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, peanuts, and mulberries.

Resveratrol is another chemical that is being studied for its possible therapeutic application in joint disorders and antioxidant and anticancer properties.

 Omega XL Key Ingredients

Take a look at the Omega XL’s components below.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – When compared to the product’s replacements, like the Relief Factor, the level of this substance in Omega XL is quite considerable. As previously said, excessive fatty acid consumption can be a double-edged sword for everyone.

PCSO-524™ – This ingredient’s name refers to New Zealand Perna Canaliculus green mussel extract, which aids in the relief of joint discomfort. According to studies, this component is up to 89% more efficient than normal fish oil.

Vitamin E – This vitamin is beneficial in a variety of ways, including the improvement of skin and nails. It helps to strengthen joint stiffness as an element in Omega XL.

Monounsaturated olive oil – It is a healthy lipid with a high antioxidant capability. It promotes joint flexibility and mobility while also alleviating some inflammatory symptoms.

Both products stand out for their natural composition, which alleviates joint discomfort caused by inflammation. Before you click the buy button, let’s take another look at their pricing.

Comparison of Prices and Plans

These two products have different pricing and specific plans and offer for customers.

Relief Factor Prices and Plans

Relief Factor is utilized as a daily supplement and continuous therapy, users benefit from the company’s Subscribe & Save option. Relief Factor can be purchased in three ways.

Relief Factor costs $93.95 (with free shipping) for a single order of 60 distinct smaller sachets. It’s meant to be enough for a one-month supply of twice-daily doses. Each dose is accompanied by a packet of four capsules.

Take advantage of the following great promotions from Relief Factor:

The 3-week QuickStart bundle, which costs only $19.95 + free shipping, contains

  • 49 packets of Relief Factor,
  • a simple three-week trial, and
  • a 147-page anti-inflammation diet guide.

A $79.95 monthly subscription plus free shipping include:

  • 60 packets of Relief Factor,
  • convenient monthly shipments
  • Every month, a free present

Save 20% by signing up for a monthly membership, or if you’re not sure about the product, try the 3-week QuickStart, which is convenient. Begin right away!

Omega XL Price and Plans

Omega XL is available in a bottle of 60 capsules. And with the manufacturer’s prescription of 4 capsules per day, you only consume half a bottle in a month.

One bottle costs $50. The price decreases to $94.99 if you buy two bottles for a one-month supply. For the same consumption cycle, this is still more expensive than the retail price of a single Relief Factor bag. They provide a 60-day money-back guarantee on your first purchase.

There is no money-back guarantee with Relief Factor. They only accept unused goods returns after 90 days of purchase

Potential Side Effects

Relief Factor

There have been no reports of negative side effects from the use of Relief Factor, according to all customer evaluations. However, during the first few days of use, tiredness, minor nosebleeds, and watery eyes are possible adverse effects.

Such typical reactions may occur when the body is initially exposed to fish oil supplements. These are, however, rare occurrences. If you take the pills with food and a full glass of water, they will not appear.

Additionally, if you are being treated for hemophilia, please consult your doctor before visiting Relief Factor. This is because the supplement’s formulation promotes blood circulation. Taking blood thinners at the same time can have unforeseen consequences.

Omega XL

The most prevalent Omega XL side effects are bleeding, hives, and rapid heartbeat. This is owing to the extraordinarily high concentration of fatty acids in its composition.

Fatty acids are not suggested for everyone. If you are allergic to this drug, get medical attention or, better yet, stop taking Omega XL immediately.

So, check the ingredients before you choose the right product.

Comparison of Effectiveness

Both Relief Factor and Omega XL are completely safe supplements. With all of their drawbacks, one thing you shouldn’t be concerned about if you’re otherwise healthy is the side effects.

Both products contain substances that have not been proven to be harmful to human health. More crucially, the chemicals in Relief Factor and Omega XL are present in very low concentrations.

If you have a medical problem or are unsure if these products are right for you, always see your doctor before using them for the first time.

Comparison of Reviews

In general, Omega XL and Relief Factor are both extremely popular online. Even though it’s difficult to tell how many of the “testimonials” are from real people, reading other evaluations might give you a rough impression of the products.

It’s worthwhile to study these kinds of evaluations to determine whether the product is genuine or a complete hoax! According to the reports we’ve read, that does not appear to be the case with Omega XL or Relief Factor. Both products have many satisfied consumers, while some have complained about various issues, such as automatic credit card charges and unsatisfactory outcomes.

The Bottom Line

Finally, which is better: Relief Factor or Omega XL? We strongly advise you to start with Relief Factor. Relief Factor outperforms its competitor due to its well-developed composition, reasonable pricing, and three-week-after results.

This comparison of Omega XL vs Relief Factor has supplied you with a clear picture. the two supplements have the same degrees of effectiveness in relieving joint pain with 100% organic ingredients. They are both unavailable for purchase offline.

Although both joint pain relief pills have gotten great customer feedback for years, you should examine additional variables to make an informed final purchasing decision.

However, if you want to attain high-quality results quickly, Relief Factor is the way to go. This product also helps to improve your general health and is backed by specialists.

We lean toward Relief Factor because we believe it is worth our time and money. We hope you found this post informative.

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